Alberto Giorgi: Live the Experience of Magic Enchantment

FISM Italy 2024

Alberto Giorgi received two awards at the European FISM competition 2024; The invention award and won the category of Stage Illusion. 

FISM European Championchip

FISM championship of magic ITALY 2024 

The International Federation of Magical Societies (FISM) (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) was founded on September 5, 1948, and is one of the most respected organizations in the magical community. It is an international body that coordinates dozens of national and international clubs and federations around the world. Together, these clubs represent approximately 80,000 magicians from 50 countries and 110 member organizations as of 2022. The organization hosts an eponymous "FISM" conference every three years, where magicians compete for "Best of" categories.  The European Continental Division, being an integral and inextricable part of the IMF, shares the same objectives mentioned above and organizes the European Magic Championship which is held at least every three years. In 2024 it took place in Saint Vincent, Italy. The next one will be held in 2027 in Manresa, Spain.

Festival mondial de la magie aux Folies Bergere

Le plus grand magiciens du monde enfin réunis sur la meme scène!

Festival modial de la magie

The World Magic Festival is currently a European benchmark thanks to an exceptional program made up of magicians who have participated in the biggest shows in the world:  « The illusionists », « América’s Got Talent », « Vive la Magia », « Les Mandrakes d’Or »…

IMPORTANT: This show is suitable for families, no number should offend children’s sensibilities.


Magica 2022

Am 13. 5. um 20.30 Uhr präsentieren wir als Teil der Magica2020 die große internationale „HocusPocus Zaubergala“ im Stadtsaal Fürstenfeldbruck mit den großartigen
Ieng Soria, Alberto Giorgi, Svenf. Heubes,  Magic Dorian Andy_Jordan_Juggler, Marc Oberon und Bert Callenbach (Weitere Termine für diese Show sind 11. 5. 2022 Pullach, Bürgerhaus; 12. 5. 2022 Günzburg, Form am Hofgarten; 14. 5. 2022 Ebersberg, Alter Speicher (unter dem Namen „Ebersberger Zaubernacht“) und am 15. 5. als öffentliche Show im Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld)
Foto & Gestaltung @verenagremmerfotografie

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Magica 2020

11. – 15. Mai 2022 in Fürstenfeldbruck

Festival der Zauberkunst


Penn and Teller Las Vegas TV show

Official Site of the Magicians Extraordinaire and Kings of Sin City

Best magic congresses

One man show


In un laboratorio alchemico segreto e sospeso nel tempo, tra specchi magici e incredibili macchinari, si scopre una realtà piena di fascino e mistero dove l’impossibile può accadere, la razionalità è sospesa e regnano solo stupore e meraviglia: gli oggetti si animano e si trasformano, la materia trasgredisce ogni legge naturale.

Noticias de Valladolid

Alberto Giorgi engrosa así la lista de premiados como oráculo -los ilusionistas Marko Karvo, Yunke y Sos & Victoria- en reconocimiento a su profesionalidad mágica.

Tour 2016

Doha: step back in time to the golden age of magic. Illusionists  1903. 

Doha: Torna indietro ai tempi dell'era d'orata della magia. Illusionists 1903

Alberto and Laura.

The numerous prizes and their continuous national and foreign television appearance which have characterized their career, combined with an intense stylistic work on their act have brought them to a develop a distinctive and very personal magical universe with fantastic machines inspired by the imagination of Jules Verne and G.H. Wells. Because of the innovative an visionary approach, their characters seem to come directly from a Tim Burton movie. The refined elegance of their performances and their incredible illusion will enchant you, taking you on an extraordinary and fantastic journey into a one-of-a-kind magical experience.

The illusionists 1903 showreel

Illusionists 1903 Producer

The Illusionists 1903

Alberto Giorgi acts as the Alchemists in the biggest magic show of the planet “illusionists 1903”. It turned in the best venues around the world.

Alberto Giorgi è l’Alchimista nel più grande spettacolo di illusionismo del pianeta “illusionists 1903” In tournée nei più importanti teatri del mondo.

International management

Norbert Ferré
International contact